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Sports Mouthguards

Sports Mouthguards

Under Armour Mouth Wear Technology, the technological wonder that is making big news by enabling star athletes to perform at unprecedented levels, is now being offered at Skyview Dental. From NFL football players to professional tri-athletes to Olympic Games competitors, Bite Tech products are proving to be vital for better training and more successful competition. Like all sports guards the Under Armour products prevent teeth from clenching but it also pivots your jaw forward and relieves pressure so your body can unleash its full potential. You become faster, stronger & better.

Under Armour Mouth Piece

Offers ultimate performance for non-contact sports such as golf, or running etc. Help you train harder and compete at a higher level.

Sports Mouth Guards

These are specialized mouth guards for full contact sports. The sports guard will protect your teeth, and reduce the chance of concussion. A mouth guard is essential for protecting your teeth when playing a sport.

For further information and to select the right mouth guard for you please contact us at Skyview Dental Care.

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