Worst Foods For Teeth

13 January 2016 | Posted By

Our dentists tell us the recipe for healthy pearly whites includes regular flossing and brushing and a healthy diet. However, sometimes we forget that some foods that may be good for us can also contribute to wear and tear of our teeth! What causes this you may ask? Acid in food such as; apples, yogurt ect. dissolves tooth enamel and can be the root cause of cavities. In addition, foods that are both high in sugar and sticky also contribute to poor oral health. Foods that are sticky manage to latch onto teeth and give a greater chance for sugar to penetrate the teeth. Saliva naturally washes our mouths of little food particles and helps to keep our mouth healthy.

The list below includes foods that may be good for our health, but not necessarily our mouths.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are preferable by dentists to processed fruit snacks, they contain copious amounts of sugar and are still sticky. Dried fruit is able to adhere to teeth and the sugar feeds bacteria in the mouth. This ultimately can lead to dental erosion.


Sugary drinks, such as pops, are significantly bad for teeth. Your teeth are constantly being bathed in a layer of acid and sugar. Dentists will always recommend replenishing body fluids with water. They also suggest drinking milk to increase calcium levels.

Hard Candies

Lollypops not only stick to teeth, but also linger in your mouth over its dissolving period. This can be a long time! Always make sure to brush after!


Many people do not realize the destructive power of alcohol. Alcohol consumption causes natural saliva production to decrease. This removes the natural power for your mouth to wash away remaining food particles and acid.

Citrus/Acidic Foods

Acidic or Citrus contain high levels of acid. These include tomatoes, lemons, lime, ect. However, this only applies when they are eaten alone. As long as you rinse with water or eat something after, your mouth will not promote tooth decay.

Starchy Foods

Bread, potato chips, pretzels, ect. easily manage to get trapped on teeth. They allow bacteria to grow and contribute to the formation of plaque.


Coffee not only stains teeth, but coats the teeth with a sticky layer that allows more food to be attracted to teeth.


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